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Frequently asked questions will be added as they come. If you don't find the answer below, please contact us or bring your questions to your next medical visit and one of our Team Members will do their best to answer.

Q1. How much weight can I expect to lose?

The rate, pattern and amount of weight loss varies from person to person. We are working toward your Best Weight: this is the weight that you will achieve when you are living your healthiest lifestyle while still enjoying your life and staying true to your values. We are more focused on longterm, sustainable health behaviours than "dieting" to an unrealistic number on the scale. Treating Obesity is much more than weight; it's about health, addressing metabolic conditions and creating healthy behaviour patterns for life. Having said that, the typical weight loss averages 5-15%.

Q2. Do you sell any products or supplements?

No, our approach focuses on eating whole foods, adopting healthy lifestyle changes and restructing negative thought patterns that commonly derail patients from longterm behaviour change. The High Metabolic Clinic does not sell any supplements or products. If pharmacotherapy is required, your bariatric physician will discuss the prescription anti-obesity medications that are available in Canada.

Q3. Is there medication to help with weight loss?

Yes. In Canada, there are three medications approved for weight management that can be safely used alongside lifestyle modification. Obesity is a neurohormonally controlled disease. we will discuss the complex pathophysiology of Obesity and the role for anti-obesity medications. Longterm weight management requires a step-wise approach including dietary changes, physical activity, cognitive behavioural therapy, medications and occasionally bariatric surgery.

Q4. Do you see patients after bariatric surgery?

Yes. We are happy to take patients once they have been discharged from the Ontario Bariatric Network surgical programs (usually 1-year post-op).

Q5. Is there a cost to the program?

All medical visits are covered by OHIP. However, the High Metabolic Clinic is a multi-disciplinary program that requires the support of registered dietitians (RD), who are not covered by the Ministry of Health. The cost of our programs covers the Registered Dietitians along with other uninsured services, such as: email access, telephone prescriptions, insurance paperwork, etc. Many insurance plans will provide coverage for Registered Dietitians; please check your plan. The first consultation is always free (if you have a valid OHIP card). Please note that the cost is minimal compared to commercial weight loss programs and averages $100/month. Please see our Program Overview section for further details.

Q6. What program options do you have?

Please see the Program Overview section under "The Clinic" in the drop down menu above.



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