One prescription does not fit all. At the High Metabolic Clinic, we strive to find the right plan that will work for you for the longterm. Treatment options include dietary guidance from Registered Dietitians, cognitive restructuring (CBT), behaviour therapy (ABT), anti-obesity medications or referral for bariatric surgery. At your initial consultation with one of our bariatric physicians, we will get to know you, your medical history, and your needs. We may then suggest that you enrol in one of our programs at High Metabolic Clinic. These programs include dietary counselling from our registered dietitians (nutrition plans include calorie-reduced, Mediterranean-style diet, low carb high fat (LCHF), ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting). CBT and ABT are evidence-based treatments for obesity and weight management to help with sustained behavioural changes. Discussion topics include identification of high risk eating time, emotional eating, distracted eating, permission thoughts versus restraint, resilience in the face of setbacks, and many more.


The High Metabolic Clinic is a physician-supervised medical clinic that focuses on providing the best possible evidence-based, comprehensive and patient-centered care. We focus on lifestyle modification bolstered by behaviour therapy and cognitive restructuring. Obesity treatment is a stepwise approach and other options include pharmacotherapy and bariatric surgery.

We are interested in helping you achieve longterm weight stability. We are not a crash diet or commercial program promising quick results but no longterm sustainability. Obesity is a chronic medical condition and we treat it as such to help you achieve your Best Weight and health.



Education & Support

We will teach you about the real causes of weight gain and Obesity. We will review genetic factors, family history, your personal medical history, lifestyle choices, medications, sleep patterns and dietary habits. We will help you to identify hidden sugars in your diet that are contributing to insulin resistance and instruct you on increasing healthy fats. We will also explore mindsets and behaviours that may be leading you away from your longterm goals and values. We are here to support you in your health journey with a non-judgmental, open-minded and friendly approach.


Team-Based Care

We work as a team! Our qualified Registered Dietitians are not just skilled in nutritional counselling, they’re also trained in behaviour modification and obesity management. They work alongside our bariatric physicians. This is a medically-supervised weight management program.