$3,000.00 CAD

This program is only available to people in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Canada.

Additional fees of $100 per medical visit apply to those in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

This program is non-refundable.

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Best Weight Program

Stop stress and emotional eating, ditch dieting, and lose weight for the last time.

If you are ready to lose weight in a sustainable way with support, accountability, coaching, medical care and an empowering community, then join now!

What you'll get:

  • Monthly 1:1 visits with a Registered Dietitian
  • Weekly Monday Evening Nutrition GROUP CALL to help with accountability, mindset and encouragement
  • Weekly COACHING CALLS with certified Life and Weight Loss Coaches
  • Access to our private online community
  • Access to our DBT groups for emotional eating
  • Access to our Members' Only portal (podcasts, video lessons, and resources to help guide you!)
  • Medical supervision

[Medical supervision in Ontario is covered by OHIP and not included in this investment]

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What People Are Saying:

It's been such an awakening. Understanding myself, and food, and understanding addiction really. I never thought of food as being addictive like smoking was. It's been a good experience and life-altering. I'm down 77 lbs and I'm so thankful that we found you. The one that stuck with me the most was when you talked about Restraint vs Restriction - when I heard that one, it just made everything so much easier. I can do hard things. And I have done hard things - and I'll continue to do hard things. This program has really made me take a look at myself.

Sharon M.

Where was this when I was doing bariatric surgery? Emotionally I'm in a better place as well. It's the realization that total control is in my hand. And that change is dependent on me - I can make the choices. In understanding and going through and listening to the Modules, it has awoken in me that really and truly I've been living in a house of self-defeating principles that I've created for myself. They're my creation - and I can break out of those systems of belief and thinking.

Mich K.