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Online Group Lifestyle Coaching sessions are now available with Dr High! Join the group and discuss topics like where to buy low carb-friendly foods, how to deal with sugar cravings, what are macros and do I need to track them, how do I incorporate intermittent fasting, and more. Hear from other patients who have had success before you. Plus, you will be invited to submit one question per week via email to be addressed during the discussion. Lifestyle coaching is intended for patients of the High Metabolic Clinic, if you are not a patient and wish to join a private coaching group, please select the Private Coaching option.

Each session will run for 45 minutes for 6 weeks. Groups will be made up of 10-15 people. The group coaching will happen over Zoom, which is a free, user-friendly platform similar to Skype. You can access Zoom on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

The next 8 week session will start TBD and run for 6 weeks, timed conveniently to fit into your lunch hour at work.

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NB: These sessions will NOT address any medical issues. Medical concerns need to be discussed during clinic visits and are covered by OHIP.

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