12-Month Science-Based, Medical Weight Loss Program

The program where Medicine meets Mindset.

Join our fully guided, virtual program to help balance hormones, lose fat, increase energy and improve your health all in a guilt-free space. Get the medical treatment and the coaching you need to lose weight long term and thrive beyond the scale.

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12-Month Science-Based, Medical Weight Loss Program

The program where Medicine meets Mindset.

Join our fully guided, virtual program to help balance hormones, lose fat, increase energy and improve your health all in a guilt-free space. We don’t believe in shame-based weight loss strategies, this program is about empowerment and self-compassion.
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Listen, it’s not your fault! 

Weight loss isn’t about dieting harder, eating less and exercising more.

If it was that simple, you would have managed your weight already.

It also isn’t about muscling up more willpower.

Obesity and overweight are real medical conditions that are rooted in genetics and hormones, influenced by psychology, environment and behaviours. There is complex physiology at the root of your weight issues.

And a one-size-fits-all calorie counting diet plan doesn’t address your body’s unique physiology and hormonal make-up. You need a holistic and comprehensive solution back by science and medical supervision.

Are you ready to...

  • Losing weight sustainably and learning how to successfully keep it off longterm
  • Gaining control over stress eating and food cravings
  • Ending the cycle of overeating, regretting, self-sabotaging, and restricting
  • Putting a stop to mindless snacking
  • Discovering freedom from constant mental chatter about food
  • Eating delicious foods and not feeling hungry
  • Enjoying your weight loss journey instead of it feeling like punishment
  • Knowing the power of healing foods and which ones to eat to optimize your metabolic health
  • Balancing out your hormones
  • Increasing your energy
  • Eliminating bloat and improving your digestion
  • Abolishing brain fog

Our program combines effective strategies in nutrition, mindset coaching, psychotherapy, and medical treatment. Our team are experts in the field of Obesity Medicine.

We provide the guidance and information you need to adopt healthy habits and transform your life. 

In the High Metabolic Clinic Best Weight Program, you’ll learn
  • Optimal foods to support healthy hormones, reduce hunger and cravings
  • How to enjoy the weight loss journey so it doesn’t feel like punishment
  • How to stay on track regardless of your schedule
  • How to recover from setbacks to stop self-sabotaging your weight loss journey
  • How to cope with stress at night instead of eating more and having another glass of wine
  • How to honour your body in the best way possible so you can thrive beyond the scale
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Best Weight Program

Our 12-month Best Weight Program has everything you need in order to be successful:

Monthly 1:1 Virtual Appointments

Medical supervision from specialist physicians

Daily motivational support

Video and audio lessons to help guide you at your own pace

Private community and private podcast

Weekly support groups & monthly coaching calls

Support to stop stress and emotional eating using DBT skills

Expert multidisciplinary team coordinating your care

This program is for people who:
  • Recognize that yo-yo dieting hasn’t worked and want a better way
  • Are frustrated with their lack of consistency in sticking with healthy habits
  • Want to stop stress or boredom eating, and mindless snacking every evening
  • Feel like they’re too busy to figure it all out on your own
  • Live in Ontario, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland
  • Want an expert, multidisciplinary team supporting them the whole way
This program is NOT for people who:
  • Believe fad diets work
  • Aren’t willing to make changes to their eating or lifestyle
  • Don’t have a positive mindset
  • Don't want to take responsibility for their life
  • Just want a short-term quick fix (psssst.. that doesn’t work!)

Invest in your health.

 Invest in your future. 

12 Month Best Weight Program Cost: Only $150 per month!*

One Time Payment


HST included equal to just $150 monthly!


6 Monthly Payments of


HST included
for the first 6 months


*Additional fees apply for those in NFLD and NS

One last thing….

You know that if you don’t invest in your health now, you’ll pay for it later.

Are you ready to dive into a program that will teach you solid principles based on the science of how our bodies and brains work? This means you’ll be working WITH your body, not against it.

Are you ready for a better way? We know you are! It’s time to stop dieting and start living, so you can feel great and truly thrive beyond the scale.

Great things are in store and we are so excited to see you succeed! 

Let’s get started!

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